Get comfortable, being uncomfortable Part II

Last week, for thinking out loud, I talked about being uncomfortable while running and the more I thought about it that wasn’t really fair.  I should offer some solutions to ease uncomfortable issues while/before running so you can get as comfortable as possible.  Here are some things I think are important make those uncomfortable distance runs a bit more comfortable.

  1. Clothing and Shoes  Make sure you buy clothing and shoes that fit properly.  Clothes shouldn’t restrict your movement and need to be sweat wicking, even in cold weather.  Of course we still sweat.  If you have never had your stride evaluated before getting shoes do it!  It is usually free and well worth it, the proper fitting shoes keeps everything in line and you avoid pain after the run.  Clothing and shoes are two areas you shouldn’t skimp on!
  2. Socks  Yes, I know socks are a part of clothing!  Make sure for every run you wear clean socks, let’s be honest for a second, we have all worn the same running clothes for consecutive runs.  It’s okay, we’re runners which means we do a lot of laundry so we ‘cheat’ sometimes.  Clean socks mean dry feet, dry feet means a more comfortable run and fewer blisters!
    Disclaimer:  Not my socks!
    Just get better socks than these!
  3. Form  I’m not going to spend a lot of time on form, if you have read my Running 3:16 blog you know I am a big believer in everyone running the way that they feel comfortable.  Find what works for you, but most importantly make sure your stride is efficient that is key to distance running.  It took me almost a year to ‘perfect’ my form and how I run.  Watch other runners, read articles, google, and youtube and use tips that work for you!IMG_5768
  4. Breathing  In through the nose, out through the mouth.  This technique keeps you from drying out fast.  I’ve also worked to inhaled on alternate foot strikes, it takes some practice but before you know it you will be doing it without even thinking11157314_1041033655911028_1385354061_o
  5. Anti-Chaffing  It happens to everyone and in the most tender places.  Make sure you use glide!  Use it under your arms, in between your legs, bottom of your feet, and your chest!  Guys I recommend (for anything over 10 miles) some band aides to cover the really sensitive parts of your chest (if you get my drift).  

There are 5 easy things you can do to make that long uncomfortable run more comfortable!  (I’m thinking there will be a Part III in the future)

What did I leave out?  What do you do to make your runs more comfortable?

-Veggie Fueled Runner


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