Get comfortable, being uncomfortable Part I


Get comfortable, being uncomfortable, those were my exact thoughts as I eased into my run last night.  The same thoughts I had 4 years ago when I started training for my first marathon.

Maybe I should back up a little first.  I haven’t blogged in a while, close to 3 months.  I have been busy working on some other things that have required my attention.  I am a Senior Advisor to Better Baltimore County and I have been working on the web development, media, and video production for that site.  It has taken up quite a lot of my time, if you have a chance check it out.  We will be featuring lots of great things going on in Baltimore County.


Plus I haven’t been running much.  To catch you up a bit since my last blog (Thanksgiving), which was also my last Thinking Out Loud post, I’ve only been running once or twice a week.  My body really needed the rest, plus it has gotten cold.  I know last year I ran everyday no matter the weather, but I’m glad I don’t have to this year, especially since we received 30 inches of snow last week!

Snow piled up from street removal.
Snow piled up from street removal.

Now back to my point, get comfortable being uncomfortable, yesterday I didn’t feel like running.  It was raining, cold, snow still on the ground, and I didn’t have anyone to run with but the 2016 race season is just around the corner and I need to get my training started.  I haven’t picked out a marathon yet, but I’m already signed up for 2 half marathons and some shorter distance races.  The first one is a 5k in Boston, I’m doing the B.A.A. distance medley.  My friend, Cat, is running the Boston Marathon and I’ll be cheering her on, she ran a BQ but the cutoff dropped so much this year she wasn’t selected, so she is running as a charity runner.  If you would like to support an awesome runner and a great cause please do so here!


As I ran through the puddles and tried to avoid slipping I reminded myself distance running is all about being uncomfortable and getting comfortable with that.  Each person has something that makes them uncomfortable, but in the end the perseverance of pushing through it makes the pain and discomfort seem not to matter as much.  Being uncomfortable running could really be a metaphor for life, life is a series of uncomfortable situations (in one way or another) that we get through on a daily basis, but we probably don’t breath as hard 😉

As I ended the race season last year, I wouldn’t get uncomfortable till well after 15 miles, on Monday night I was uncomfortable in the first half mile, could have been the wet shoes, patches of ices, or light rain failing.  Regardless I knew I had to push through it and I could not delay the beginning of my training any longer.  Getting comfortable being uncomfortable can get you through a lot, but the only way to get comfortable being uncomfortable is to put yourself in uncomfortable situations.  Hope that makes sense!

I also hope to start blogging more frequently again as I begin my training season!  Next week I plan to elaborate on things that make me uncomfortable running and how to make them more comfortable!

What makes you uncomfortable?

-Veggie Fueled Runner


5 thoughts on “Get comfortable, being uncomfortable Part I

  1. I went running last night as well and have to say that I had a lot of the same thoughts as you! Sometimes it just takes pushing through the tough times of starting up again so that you can get back to the part of running that you love. I’ve decided to train for my first marathon this year and am planning in running the MCM; you should put that on your list since its such a good local race!

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  2. It is so true that there are those days when you have to push past the discomfort and just go for it. It’s hard to know sometimes, when to step back, and when to step forward, but it’s definitely different for each person. I’m thankful that God always leads us where He wants us to go.

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  3. I’m still looking at a New England marathon for the fall since I’m obviously out for the spring. Pushing past the discomfort is going to be the biggest help in improving marathons I think. I need something to get me through those last 8 miles and getting comfortable feeling uncomfortable is the only way to do that. I still want to come up to Boston for the marathon… we should figure that out.

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