Running (Pet) Peeves

Sometimes when I am out enjoying a run, or trying to enjoy a run, some things irritate me.  I thought I would compile a list and see if you feel the same way?

1.  Not smiling or waving back

When I run and see another runner or biker I usually wave, smile, or nod my head to them.  Just a sort of ‘Hey I know we are both suffering out here, keep up the good work!’  Baltimore is called Charm City, I’ve heard we were given that nickname as a joke and sometimes I think that is the true.  Other runners and bikers rarely respond.  When I tell people this, they say well maybe they didn’t see you, um, they were looking right at me.  What happened to just being friendly when you are out and about.  Maybe I’m expecting to much?

Try smiling back, you never know what could happen!
Try smiling back, you never know what could happen!

2.  Retractable dog leashes

This is probably my biggest pet peeve, literally!  (see what I did there)  You may have read in my last blog about when I ran into a retractable dog leash I could not see.  That was not the first time I’ve had issues with people and retractable dog leashes.  What I mean by retractable is those leashes that allow the dog to go anywhere from 10-50 ft from the owner and then retracts when the dog walks back.  When running the waterfront people allow their dogs to walk on one side and they walk on the other, they basically create a gate across the entire path.  One day, in my neighborhood, I had a person acknowledge I was coming and then he let his dog run up to me on a retractable leash.  We had quite the exchange of words after I almost tripped over his dog.  If you are going to use a leash like that, why use one at all?  You have no control over the dog; it is a safety hazard for other people and for the dog.

Let's keep the leashes to 6ft and dogs under control.
Let’s keep the leashes to 6ft and the dogs under control.

3.  People oblivious to surroundings

I’m sure we have all run into these types of people, hopefully not literally!  (maybe I should write a blog on puns)  These are the people who somehow passed second grade but don’t know their right from left, or left from right (subtle pun)!  Whenever I’m running up behind someone if the path is tight I will call out ‘passing on your left’.  This causes people to freak out, and go every direction but to the right.  I’ve actually had more problems with these people while riding my bike; unfortunately a few have gotten more acquainted with me and my bike then they would have liked.  Not on purpose they just zigged when they should have zagged and didn’t leave me enough time to react.  I digress, how about those people who are walking towards you or just standing in the middle of the path staring at shiny things!  Just this week, when I was running a person was walking towards me and I motioned which side I would pass on, last minute he changes his mind.  I avoided running into him, but I fell and scuffed up my hands; nothing severe.  Let’s not forget the little kids who’s parents don’t keep an eye on them, parents don’t let your children wander to far away from you in crowded areas, that should be obvious.

Let me just take up this entire sidewalk...
Let me just take up this entire sidewalk…

4.  People who yell things

Women I get it, ‘cat-calling’ is not appropriate!  Men experience this too!  Probably not the same way.  I experience it more in my own neighborhood than anywhere else.  On more then one occasion, okay probably weekly, I will be out running and someone has something snarky to say.  Usually it is some snide remark, sometimes I can’t understand them because they are slurring their words so much.  In those cases I will give them a ‘special’ wave and keep on running.  Only on a few occasions have I actually stopped when something was said to me, come to think of it the only time I have is when running by the bus stop.  Bus People, ugh!!!!  I’m not categorizing all people who ride the bus, I do from time to time.  Heck the people who say things may not even be riding the bus, they might just be hanging out at the bus stop.  People, ugh!!!  Anyway, I’m not one to just let things go without a response if I feel one is warranted, sometimes you have to stop and let people know what they said is not appropriate.  I’m usually not so kind in my phrasing or tone.

Cat calling!
Cat calling!

5.  Smokers

You wouldn’t really think this is a problem when running, but if you run in an area with restaurants or businesses you probably know what I mean.  People who congregate in one area and puff away on their cigs, that’s what all the cool kids call them; I think.  It creates this plume of smoke that billows from the area like the exhaust stacks from a factory.  I usually pull my shirt up over my nose or cover my nose with my hands.

Puff Puff!
Puff Puff!

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What are your running (pet) peeves?  How do you deal with them?

-Veggie Fueled Runner

Look!  Something sparkly!
Look! Something sparkly!

10 thoughts on “Running (Pet) Peeves

  1. It’s always so weird for me to go home after I’ve been running in Baltimore for awhile. In New England, everyone smiles or waves at you when you pass them, so it was a weird change for me when I started running in Baltimore. I go home now and it takes me a few days to get back to that habit. Runners are generally friendly people so I don’t understand why just because we’re in Baltimore, we can’t say hello when we pass others out there.

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  2. I’m fairly mellow about the rest of this stuff, but smokers, man…

    I usually run after work to stress relieve so I tune out to a lot of things, and I’m almost always on a wide yet mostly deserted path dedicated to biking and running so the sidewalk, pet and direction problems don’t present – but the amount of people who take breaks and set up and the water or rest areas and smoke is so baffling to me! It takes me a while to not gag and try to catch my breath after just passing them, so HOW do they take a smoke break them hop back on the path? I truly don’t get it!

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  3. Yep not waving back sits up there with not returning my good morning. I noticed after moving back to Richmond it has changed a bit. More folks in my age group, 31+, are all about that morning run now. Compared to me growing up here and at 15 having to dodging and weave crackheads.

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